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About Dr Edward Healthcare Centre

Dr. Edward Health Care Centre was founded in 1935 in Shahjahanpur – U.P by Vaid Shri S.A Edward who was the specialist in his time. He started this work after getting the knowledge of Ayurvedic science with the aim of human welfare and service by which the number of beneficiaries gradually increased and along with that Vaidya ji also became famous.

In 1944, the number of beneficiary patients reached thousands. After this, on 13 March 1945, the first son was born to his house whose education was done by his father Vaidya ji in his care. He also got information about the world's glorious medical practices. It is found in mythology and Vedas, In fact, this method was prevalent even in the Puranic period after the Vedic period. By giving complete knowledge of the same ancient medicine system, he also engaged himself in the service of patients. So, over time, the fame of his elder son, Doctor Edward, spread far and wide. He is the only doctor to treat medicines based on the successful diseases of his holy father Shri Vaid ji for problems related to complex occurence diseases like impotence, marijuana weakness, early fall, sex, sperm, childlessness.

Edward Saheb created the goal of his life and continuing to serve the patients with the service of his service and to the foreign countries he had fame. He reached Bareilly in 1980 and opened his initial clinic center. thus these days his son dies in manager. Valuable Edward and Doctor Edward care Center's Qualified Doctor Team, supported constant unexcelled prescriptions, has benefited the patients of the country from the treatment of real herbs, juice chemicals, incense and Ayurvedic medicines. As a result, in 2015, Ayurvedic syllabic script Dev Bhawan, Uttarakhand, he was honored by the 2015 action Award for Best Qualified Ayurvedic Treatment Services, and extremely shortly the Doctor Edward Health Care Center goes to bring its own product. And with the preparation of gap of centers all told the states together with Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Old Delhi - NCR is engaged within the task of connecting thousands of doctors on to their center, in order that additional and additional patients ar reached in person To be created because of the proper counselling, successful, pure and cost-efficient expenditure for sex issues, the medicines of treatment may be delivered to the corners of the country and also the world.

We do not think it like way of earning money it is our duty. The sorrow of sex patients is more than money.

Your faith is with us - with are always with you

If you also want counseling or real affordable treatment for any sex problem, feel free to contact or phone yourself and you will believe that you will not get disappointed with the Doctor Edward Health Care Center.

Sex Treatment Based On Ayurveda

In the management of Dr. Edward, the health care has became one among the best facility that has been doing its best in determination the sexual issues of immense range of individuals and that they square measure currently glad. As a high sexology health care centre with skilled medical facilities whose aim is to mix medical experience with a personal approach to every patient. Through specialist consultations, skilled therapeutic procedures, last treatment, we have a tendency to square measure able to give you with a comprehensive course of treatment.

At Dr. Edward Health Centre we've got extremely qualified Internationally noted Ayurvedic practitioners / Sexologist / Sex Counselor & Sex expert having specialization in crucial sex treatments. With our experience in flavourer treatment, we've got gained nice name and fame as a result we tend to square measure fashionable in providing result headed and timely leads to all quite sexual issues.

Since, Sex problems impacts individual's life drastically and will generally gets individual in a very stage of depression, at that point Dr. Edward Health Care Centre comes just like the solely place to resolve all the sex connected issues. Whenever a patient comes our specialist performs a counsel to spot the matter then he's treated for applicable illness. In alternative suggests that of treatment, we have a tendency to 1st move into the depth to search out out the foundation of the matter then analyze the proper reasonably treatment that is befittingly done by our sexologists.

Sex issues should be treated fastidiously guaranteeing no aspect effects. once it involves sex treatments supported piece of writing, it's fully safe and has no aspect effects. Ayurvedic treatment has capability to cure several kind of sex sickness, de-addiction and physiological state problems. Dr. Edward Health Care Centre provides fully flavourer treatment and with its past expertise of decades currently the treatment has reached to its important level of trust. By action the sex issues of the many folks, Dr. Edward Health Care Centre with its knowledgeable sexologists offer solutions with complete effectinevess.